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Sylwia Moore

I’m really pleased to see you here, on my website. It means that yet another person has decided to take a step forward in life towards the wholeness.

I love what I do

My passion and purpose is helping you access your own freedom, clarity, creativity, and true intelligence. I love to see when new possibilities open up for my clients.
I can help because I went through the same phases in my life.

We look at what concerns you like relationships, old patterns, wellness, important life goals or business issues.

What’s important you’re not entering into a long-term therapeutic relationship with me. I want to see you maybe a handful of times to work on a particular issue.  We work right to the core, in a brief and efficient manner.

How do I work?

EMI, Systemic Life & Business Constellations & Gentle Bio-Energetics

Working with EMI, Hellinger’s Systemic (Family) Constellations and Butterfly Touch Massage, Gentle Bio-Energetics gives me a unique and beautiful ways to work with you, to help you unlock your full potential to live your life to the fullest.

The issues we face may be divided into two categories:

-Personal, individual issues that have their source in the life events, choices conflicts, distress and dilemmas.

-Systemic issues that have their source in their relational, psychological and emotional impacts coming from ones experiences within  family of origin. This includes any deeply ingrained patterns or traumas from previous generations and is unconscious, for the most part.