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Sylwia Moore

Emotional Mind Integration &

Systemic Constellations Facilitator,

Gentle Bio-Energetics Practitioner

Areas where I can help

Relationship - Wellness - Success

EMI is a powerful, rapid  and deep transformative process that resolves your core issues of the heart, mind and soul in only a few sessions.


This unique process facilitates you to unravel and resolve your difficult or traumatic situations in a fast and simple way without traumatizing.

EMI is a powerful way of working with depression, anxiety, panic attacks, anger, addiction, abuse and resolving inner conflict.


Most of us may sort out problems in our conscious mind successfully.

However, if a behaviour or problem has its source in the unconscious mind it is inaccessible to normal rational thinking.

A process like EMI is excellent for locating unconscious problems deep within you so they can be resolved and you can step forward on your journey of growth and development.

It is a revolutionary, powerful approach to healing and change.

EMI is Rapid and cost effective. Most issues only require 3-5 sessions. It is a process which locates the core of your issue or trauma mostly through body-based processes, heals and clears one neural pathway at a time and integrates the solution with the whole person within the session.

There is no need for months or years of therapy, which saves your valuable time and money.


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Systemic (Family) Constellations is systemic process that is deep, experiential, brief and profound for life, relationship, wellness and business issues.


Research shows that behavioral patterns are often carried from one generation to the next. Bert Hellinger, the founder of Family Constellations, discovered that long time ago through his work. The Constellations process is a powerful way to tap into what holds people back from reaching their potential in terms of relationships, success and wellness. The Systemic (Family) Constellation is called a systemic process because it reveals the family dynamics that lie in your unconscious, affecting your emotional state, self-esteem, habits and behaviours. It’s an experiential process that facilitates acceptance for what is, gratitude for what we have and love of ourselves and others.

The process enables deep understanding and a completion of relationships both within and without our family circle. It goes beyond conversation to utilise body sensing and energetics to reach the hidden dynamics of our issues, relationships and emotional entanglements.

Family Constellations can be used to:

  • Improve relationships
  • Help you find greater clarity and peace
  • Increase self esteem
  • Stop disruptive patterns in relationships
  • Resolve parenting blocks or concerns
  • Improve work performance
  • Clear blocks to success
  • Release trauma
  • Improve health
  • Behaviors that you no longer want
  •  Feelings you can’t explain or move past

Family Constellations are available in workshops, personal or online  sessions.

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Human touch is an essential part needed for our survival. Learn how simple human touch can work wonders to improve so many areas in your life.


It helps us to relax and relieves built up muscle tension. Giving and receiving hugs can be a vital part of the therapeutic process.  After birth gentle massage touch helps to create a connection and bond between parents and a newborn baby. Parents through touch get to know and thus bonds with the newborn.  Anyone has a capacity to give and receive gentle human contact for better health. Butterfly Touch Massage was developed by a medical doctor, Dr.Eva Reich. It’s a gentle and wonderful technique which works through a soft and delicate touch. Imagine your are gently brushing with your fingers the petals of the most precious and beautiful flower. This gentle touch helps melt away tension in the whole body, relieves symptoms of stress, relax, improve overall health and wellness.

The massage is very simple and takes just a few minutes. This gentle method is non-invasive, yet powerful as the effects occur through the lightest touch of the fingertips, it’s not a massage as you know it, you stay fully clothed. It is suitable for all ages and especially helpful for fertility, during pregnancy to help restore energy to the whole body. Helps parents soothe and calm their babies and children whilst promoting essential bonding.

Butterfly Touch Massage was first developed to support a healthy bond between parents and children. It became an effective and comprehensive tool for promoting a happy and joyful life at any age. It is important to stress that this technique is gentle and non-invasive. Massage is done fully clothed and no massage oil are used. It will not activate any history of abuse.

Gentle Bio-Energetics incorporates many tools for all, regardless of age, focusing on healing perinatal trauma, bonding and restoring the flow of energy. Gentle Bio-Energetics offers specific techniques that supports and enhances health from the moment of birth. Some of the gentle methods are:

Gentle Bio-Energetic Balance – can be vital in reconnecting the flow of energy to the body after injuries, anaesthetics, or operations in order to restore functioning.
Metamorphosis – is very effective for retrieving and healing in-utero memory and can be used over and over again to access progressively deeper levels of work.

All of these tools can bring to the surface un-conscious memories, which are the root of repetitive life patterns. Eva Reich also blended in various cognitive therapies. Thus, the work is uniquely hers, based on her experience as well as her father’s Wilhelm Reich work

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Systemic Constellations for Business

The method works for introducing internal order in the organisations.  Small and large companies or even in corporate setting. When a company goes through a financial, personal or ideological crisis. When the supervisors do not cope, the introduction of the order and changes thanks to Constellations is often the only effective way to act, after many other attempts.

It can help with:

-Career direction

-Business issue

-Difficult dynamics with work colleagues

-Organisational challenge

``You may be able to fight in battles in a suit of armor, but when you are wearing one all the time, it becomes impossible to dance.``

— Wilhelm Reich

``We need 4 hugs a day for survival. We need 8 hugs a day for maintenance. We need 12 hugs a day for growth.``

— Virginia Satir

``Connection is why we're here: it is what gives purpose and meaning to our lives.``

— Brene Brown